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Escape Room Fundraiser - Brockville Public Library

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Library Art Heist
A unique fundraising experience

Level of Difficulty: Challenging | Scare Factor: None | Recommended age: 10+ (with adults) **Great family activity

Capacity: 6 players | Recommended: 5 players | Minimum Booking: 4 players

Duration: 45 minutes
Fee: $20/person
Registration: You must pre-register at the Circulation Desk for a dedicated time-slot in groups of 4-6 players. Payment must be made at the time of booking. There are no refunds or exchanges. If your group arrives late, you may still complete the room with the time you have remaining, but the time in the room will be shortened.


info@brockvillelibrary.ca| 613.342.3936 ext. 6422 (Amanda) | Located: 23 Buell St.


Oh no! The Brockville Public Library has been hit by the infamous Library Art Thief!

All of our precious art has been stolen and we need it back! The police have intercepted communication linking a local art dealer, who they believe will be fencing the stolen art, and the suspected thief.

The deal is going down soon but the shady dealer has slipped police surveillance and gone underground. The police can't figure out where the exchange will be taking place. You, our highly skilled team of code breakers and puzzle solvers, have been specially selected to search the eccentric art dealer's office for clues to figure out where the art is being sold, and help the police catch both criminals in the act. You have only 45 minutes to find the location before the deal is done and the art is gone forever! Are you up to the task?

This interactive puzzle room will be an "escape room" style puzzle room where you must work together to solve puzzles, find keys, passwords and combinations in a specific order to lead you to your final goal: discovering the location of the exchange. Unlike more traditional escape rooms however, you will not be locked in the room.

Available Time Slots:

We are all sold out. Thank you to everyone who particpated!!



We wanted to thank our event sponsor very much for their generosity. You saved us so much time & money having to visit yard sales on the weekends to find props for this event!!

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General Questions:

What is a puzzle (escape) room?
Only the most amazingly, fun, hilarious, unique and totally awesome thing you could choose to do with your friends & family...but technically a puzzle(escape) room is an adventure game in which players are placed in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and either escape or complete the objectives within a set time limit. The games are real-life versions of “escape the room" video games. Games are set in a variety of fictional locations, such as art galleries, studies, wine cellars, jail cells, army bunkers, science labs, and are popular as team building exercises. Our most favourite thing about it is that you work cooperatively with your team to reach a common goal.

Do I need to have a library card to play?
We think everyone should have a library card :) but you don't need to have one to play this game.

Booking Details:

How do I know what time slots are left?
As time slots fill up (see above) we will cross off the appointments times. Anything that has not been crossed off is still available.

How do I pay?
We take credit card, debit and cash payments at the time of registration. Please register in person at the Circulation Desk at the Brockville Library. The price is $20 per person and each person will be receive a charitable donation receipt for $10.

I want to come with my family but my kids are under 16. Can we come as a family?
We recommend age 16+ but everyone is different. If you feel this is an activity that you will all enjoy doing as a family then of course you are welcome to book. The price for the room is $20 regardless of age.

Our group is less than 6 people? Will other groups be booked with us?
No. Your reservation is private although we do require a minimum of 4 players to make a reservation. If, at any point, your friends are completely jealous, they can add their names (up to six people) to your team.

I would love to participate but I don't have the minimum 4 to book. Can I still play?
Making new friends is always fun. We have created an event called "Library Art Heist" on our Facebook page and we encourage you to reach out to other singles or doubles and arrange a time that you might like to join together as a group. Due to the limited number of time slots available to book, we do need to keep to a 4 person minimum to hold a booking time. In addition, the room has been designed with 4-6 people in mind. The room would be too challenging for too few people and to crowded and chaotic with more.

I have a group but we can't all come to the library at the same time to register and pay. How can we hold our reservation?
Once one person from your team has come in and purchased their ticket, we will have them give the names of the rest of the group. At that point the reservation will be held for 72 hours to give the rest of your team a chance to come in and register. Once that time is up, if there is not the minimum of 4 people paid, we will contact one member of the team to sort things out.

Oh no! I wanted to make a reservation but all the time slots are booked!
In hopes this experience will be wildly successful we have some additional time slots up our sleeve. If all the bookings above are taken, please contact us directly at info@brockvillelibrary.ca to make arrangements for a booking.

Event Details:

What happens if I arrive late?
We would really much appreciate if you could arrive on time as need time to reset the room in between appointments. If your group arrives late, you may still complete the room with the time you have remaining, but the time in the room will be shortened.

How physical is this activity?
Let's put it this way - during the debriefing when you arrive we will be telling you that your feet should never leave the floor i.e. there is no physical activity required!

What happens if we can't solve the room. Can we book again?
The reality is that most groups will not solve the case. There will be about a 30% success rate (give or take). Depending on how far you get in the room we will either go over the last few remaining clues with you, or if you were further away from finishing you could choose to book the room again if there are spots available. (our guess is that most groups will either finish or come very close).

Still have questions?
Please contact us directly at info@brockvillelibrary.ca and we can answer any other questions you might have.