Death Cafe

In the newest installation of our Library After Dark series, we will be tackling death!

Join us on March 22nd from 8 – 9:30 pm to learn about end of life care, death and dying from local death doula, Debbie Price.


What is a death cafe?

At a death cafe, people – often strangers – gather to drink refreshments and talk about death. There is no set agenda or strict guidance for where this conversation must go.


Why is the library hosting a death cafe?

The objective behind this program is to demystify death, something that will touch all of us throughout our finite lives. We will provide an open, safe environment to discuss the complicated thoughts and feelings that we all have about death and dying.


What is a death doula?

Death doulas provide emotional, practical and spiritual support in the preparation and subsequent experience of dying individuals, much like midwives and doulas do for the birthing process.


Register online here.