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Expansion Project Summary

The following is a timeline of key events in the BPL's lifetime that have resulted in a significant addition to its operation:

Date Event
1895 Brockville Mechanics Institute became the Brockville Public Library under new Provincial legislation.
1904 The Brockville Public Library was constructed using a $17,500 grant from the Andrew Carnegie Foundation.
1971 Expansion was completed east on George Street.
1983 Deloite Haskins & Sells Associates' report determined the need for further expansion.
1983 Totten Sims Hubicki Associates reported that an expansion was feasible.
1994 Beckman Associates Study recommended a two-story expansion south on Buell St.
1994 In June, the Mayor formed a Library Expansion Committee. The members of this committee were Mayor John Doran; Councillors Huskinson, McClure and Eyre; Library Board of trustees Wilson and Quick; Jerry McIntosh, Director of Engineering; and Margaret Williams, Chief Librarian.
1994 Eastern Engineering Associates Study reported that a two-story expansion south on Buell Street was feasible.
1996 The Brockville Public Library celebrated the opening of the newly expanded building.


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