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Recommended Homework Links for Kids


  • Search Engines

    Search Engines
    These search engines have been designed specifically with kids in mind. With lots of graphics, these "kid friendly" search engines will provide an excellent start for homework resources.

  • GeneralitiesGeneralities
    Here you will find encyclopedia resources, almanacs, world records, and general fact sites.

  • Grammar HelpGrammar Help
    Access to english and other language dictionaries, interactive word games, and grammar style guides.

  • BiographiesBiographies
    Find out about notable men and women who have shaped our world from ancient times to the present day.

  • Csnadiana

    These links are geared for students and teachers of Canadian studies, and anyone else interested in Canada's past.

  • ScienceScience
    All the sciences, from Astronomy to Zoology, can be found in this collection of web sites.

  • FrenchFrench
    These sites offer exercises for grammar, verbs, vocabulary and pronunciation, practice quizzes, games, as well as dictionaries.


  • MathMath
    Improve your math skills with this collection of interactive games, puzzles, flashcards and worksheets.



Elf Child Safe Browser

Elf Child-Safe Browser which provides 100% safe Internet use for your child, conveniently in your home.

The Elf browser allows your children to safely explore carefully chosen, highly engaging free-use educational resources on the Internet. Your children can work on their own and you can feel comfortable knowing that they are visiting ONLY sites that are wholesome, educational, and fun.

This is ALWAYS accomplished because Elf checks every piece of content before it is displayed to ensure that the material is coming from a site that has been specifically approved them.

Elf maintains these high quality links in the areas of math, science, geography, reading, music, arts, writing and reference. Children have a chance to vote for their favourite sites within the Elf browser and these “Top Links” are listed on the main page. In addition to the educational content, there is a fun/riddle area filled with safe activities for all ages of children.

For more information about this new service, please contact us 613-342-3936. In order to obtain a copy of Elf, please email us at [email protected]. We will need your first and last name, library card # and your email address. We will then send you the file to install Elf browser on your computer as well as supporting documentation.

Supporting Documentation

If you do not have an email address or do not wish to provide us with it, you can download ELF from our Early Children's Literacy station using your own thumb drive. If you do not have the Internet at home at all, we provide free access in the children’s area of our library.

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