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How to Start a Book Club

Starting a new book club? Here are some ideas to help you get started!

Start with an open mind.

There is no reason to think everyone in the group will like every title and different perspectives are just as important as consensus in discussion.

Mix up your selections.

Don't limit your group to a narrow selection of reading. Try non-fiction or throw in a light reading title once in a while. It is suppose to be fun!

Meet at a regular time.

Try meeting once a month, rotate between different houses, or meet at your local public library!

Decide on a format.

How long will be spent talking about the book; will you have goodies!

Discussion Questions.

You can discuss the character and story line, the character's actions, symbolism, reader's emotional response, resolution...did the ending meet with your satisfaction, literary merit, similarity to other readings, theme & setting.


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