Computers, Technology & Virtual Reality

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Computers & Technology during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Library is currently offering limited computer and technology services.
Existing services are:

  • Free public computer access
    • maximum 30 minutes per customer per day
  • Printing and copying services
    • colour or black and white
    • printing, copying, scanning and faxing available
    • fees apply. Debit or credit or exact change only
  • Our online resources continue to be available 24/7
  • WiFi continues to be available for free outside the Library. No time limits.

Computers & Technology

The Brockville library provides:
*Please note that some of these services may be affected or temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19

  • Free WiFi
  • Charging stations
  • Gaming equipment (in-library use only)

Virtual Reality

Get ready to experience the latest technology craze – Virtual Reality! With our virtual reality system you can explore a diverse range of new worlds, experiences and environments.

Virtual realityWhat is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is a three-dimensional, computer generated environment which can be explored and interacted with by a person using a computer, headset, sensors and hand controllers. The user becomes a part of the virtual world or is immersed within the environment and while there is able to interact with and manipulate the environment.

What will I be able to do with VR at the library?
  • Explore: Experience our planet like you never have before! Travel around the world, to distant planets and even back in time while never leaving the library.
  • Learn: Discover more about oceans, outer space or the human body
  • Create: Create unique works of art in a 3D canvas.
  • Play: VR takes gaming to the next level by immersing you in a 3D environment.
Important Details
  • All customers must sign a waiver and receive training before use
  • Our Oculus Rift is only available for customers ages 16 and up (Customers under 18 must have waivers signed by their legal guardians).
  • For some, the use of Virtual Reality equipment can cause dizziness and disorientation. Those prone to motion sickness should take care when using the equipment.
  • To accommodate everyone, customers will be limited to 30 minutes of VR usage per day.