Printing, Microfilm & Added Services

Print, Fax & Scan

  • Print: Black and White $0.25/page, Colour $1.00/page. Sizes: 8.5″x11″, 8.5″x14″ and11″x17″.
  • Scan: You can scan your documents or photos as high quality PDF’s and have them sent to an email address.
    Please Note: To ensure that you receive your scans, our staff will enter your data for you. If you do not receive your scan we will scan again.
  • Fax: Price: $1.50/page (no charge for cover page)
    Please note: We do not fax outside of North America. To ensure that your fax is sent successfully, staff will enter the data for you.

Note: For all paid services on this page, cash, debit or credit are accepted.

Microfilm Archives

The Brockville Public Library stores archives of local newspaper The Recorder & Times from 1828 – 2008, and The Athens Reporter from 1888 – 1971. View them using our public computer and microfilm reader at the Library. You can reserve time to do your research using our online booking system below. Staff will be available to help you get started. To save your findings, it is recommended to bring your own USB stick. 

Added Services

Disc Resurfacing

We are now offering a disc cleaning service for your scratched DVDs, CDs, Blu-Rays, and video games.

  • Price: $5 per disc

Please Note: We require two business days to complete your order. The Brockville library is not responsible for items damaged in the re-surfacing process. There are no refunds on discs that we are unable to fix.

Laminating Service

We are now offering a laminating service for posters, flyers, signs, photos, etc. Prices vary by size and we require one business day to laminate items for you.

  • up to 8 1/2″ x 11″ is $2.00
  • over 11″ but less than 18″ is $5
  • 18″ to a maximum 22″ is $10

The Brockville Public Library will not be responsible for items damaged in the lamination process.

Newspaper Subscriptions

The Brockville Public Library subscribes to the below newspapers. Copies of the latest editions are available for in-library use in our magazine area on the 2nd floor.


  • Recorder & Times
  • Ottawa Citizen
  • Globe and Mail